Bullistik Lapis Lazuli

Saturn is a daughter of our cocoa trindle stud, MilkDud, and our black beauty, Alannah.

As you can see, Saturn is a blue trindle pied, inheriting that trindle pattern from her daddy.

At 16 pounds, she is one of our smallest girls, and very compact.

Like MilkDud and Alannah, Saturn has been health screened for hereditary diseases affecting the French Bulldog breed.

She has a full disease and color panel through EMBARK and structural disease screening through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

All results are public at Saturn’s Health Certifications.

Saturn is a happy go lucky girl with a fun personality and like her mama, she might be tiny but she is mighty.

Regardless of the size of her playmates, she does not get bullied by the bigger frogs.

She is hardly a trouble maker but won’t get pushed around on the playground either.

This is Saturn’s fabulous sire, Bullistik All That Bling! aka MilkDud.

This boy is all that and a bag of chips. MilkDud is retired now, but he produced several wonderful offspring for our program while he was an active stud.

Meet Saturn’s incredible dam, Bullistik Black Velvet aka Alannah.

Alannah is our one and only SOLID BLACK (aa) Frenchie and she is now retired after producing 2 litters for us.