Crowd Pleazer’s Cold As Ice at Bullistik ‘Glacial’

By now, you have likely read Troy’s story and how he came to be a part of the Bullistik® stud force.

Well, now you can meet part 2 of that story: Glacial.

Because I was originally looking for the complete package, including color dna, when searching for a new stud dog, both blue (dd) and cocoa (CoCo) were on my absolutely must have list.

So, the fact that Troy fell a bit short in that aspect, he only carried cocoa (nCo) and did not carry blue (dd), I was back on the hunt for another stud that had both colors in their dna.

I had become a big fan of ABKC Ch Lilac Haze Bendrix in most part because he had great conformation, an array of color in his gene pool, and more importantly, Benny was one of very few French Bulldog studs (in any color) that was health tested to the nines, and had a very rare set of OFA EXCELLENT HIPS.

If you’ve ever shopped for a Frenchie puppy or stud service, you know that breeders that consistently health test the dogs in their breeding program are a rarity, so I was excited to see the commitment that Crowd Pleazers had made to her breeding program.

I am not talking about the nearly meaningless 4 panel DNA testing that you see advertised by quite a few people that are selling Frenchie puppies.

Like me, Crowd Pleazers actually screens her dogs through the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals to determine if they are effected by any abnormal structural diseases that affect the French Bulldog breed.

To find an available male puppy with not just one, but both parents that were OFA certified in addition to DNA disease testing was an absolute Godsend, and I am grateful to Heather for sharing this amazing boy with me.

Glacial’s sire
Glacial’s dam

Glacial has everything I was searching for: stunning conformation, heavy bone, substance for days, sweet temperament, health, and last but not least, that awesome color.

He is maskless, which is still hard for me to come to terms with since throughout my breeding career of more than 3 decades, all of my Frenchies have been masked except for my creams, of course.

But he is a gorgeous lilac & tan with amazing points in a pale cream color.

Glacial’s first two litters have arrived and I am thrilled with what he has produced.