Bullistik FightLikeAFlynn

Bullistik FightLikeAFlynn ‘Flynn’

forever grateful that the 1912 FBDCA ban on these marvelous colors that existed in our breed from its inception, did not stop EVOLUTION’s natural selection to protect and preserve the coat color DNA that is responsible for “atat” (tricolor), “cocoa” (chocolate), and “dd” (blue) in the French Bulldog.

Like his sire, MilkDud, this boy also has a name that may need a bit of explaining.

If you followed politics (either side of the aisle) on Twitter for the past several years, then you know about General Flynn and his very long battle to clear his name.

Of course, Twitter is the motherland of #hashtags, so one of those top trenders for a very long time was #FightLikeAFlynn.

I had been waiting patiently for MilkDud to sire his first litter, hoping (fingers crossed), that he would produce a tricolor son that DID NOT carry kbr (brindle) and DID carry cream (e). If that son was chocolate and carried blue, all the better, but the most important thing was to be brindle free.

Flynn – 9 months

At some point, while I was patiently waiting for my MilkDud son to show up, I came to the conclusion that his first (clear pointed) tricolor son, would have to be named ‘Flynn’.

MilkDud produced that clear pointed, black & tan boy for me in his first litter out of SpitFire, and this guy definitely has that bad ass, head strong, my way or the highway temperament, not unlike his breeder or the General, so #FightLikeAFlynn turned out to be the perfect name for Flynn.

Flynn, because he did inherit that fabulous cream allele (e), has those glorious flashy tan points that I am crazy about in tricolors: bold eyebrows and tan cheeks make me very happy.

MilkDud x SpitFire

Like his parents, MilkDud and SpitFire, he has that lovely square head flat skull, those true rounded top, forward facing, bat ears, ultra flat muzzle, pronounced nose roll, an incredible deep and wide upturned jaw, great bone, deep brisket wide chest, nice tuck up, straight front, tight feet, short back, slight roach topline, short little tail, moderate rear angle, and is full of piss and vinegar just the way I like my frogdogs.

Flynn’s color DNA is atat, nCO, DD, KyKy, Eme, nS which simply means that he is black & tan, carries chocolate, does not carry blue, is brindle free, carries cream and the masking gene, and carries pied.

Flynn has been health screened through Embark and his test results are posted on his health certifications page.

He has turned two years old and has had his OFA screenings for Cardiac, Hips, Leggs-Calves-Perthes, Patellas, and Tracheal Hypoplasia. All OFA certifications have been posted on his health page.

Bullistik Temper Tantrum ‘SpitFire’
Flynn’s Dam

Bullistik Master of Puppets ‘Thrash’
Black & Tan grandsire
Bullistik Chocolate Decadence
Chocolate Mask, Chocolate Fawn grandam