Bullistik Malicious Intent ‘Malice’

When I planned the breeding between SpitFire and Maverick, I had hopes and dreams of great things coming to fruition.  But as an experienced breeder of thirty plus years, I am well aware that Jagger was right, “you can’t always get what you want”, so I did my homework, made my plans, crossed my fingers and hoped like hell that science (genetics) would rule in my favor.

And this time, mother nature was on my side, and I literally struck GOLD!  A 6 pack of beautiful masked fawn Frenchies: 3 chocolate (CoCo) and 3 standard (nCo) carrying chocolate.

And me being me, because I got exactly what I was looking for from this amazing breeding with Mav & SpitFire, I kept 3 of the kids in the 6 pack: 1 male chocolate fawn (Malice), 1 male black mask fawn (Prism), and 1 female chocolate sable (Jealousy).

I am so thankful that I kept this trio because they are now 2 years old and have evolved into the adults that I was sure they would become.  Of course, we are not supposed to pick favorites, but I am always attracted to the boys.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot change the reality of my boy crazy focus.

But, if you take one look at Malice or Prism, you will so understand my obsession and probably board the ‘boy crazy’ train right along with me.

I mean, come on folks, look at this ‘chocolate mug’ and tell me you are not in love and I will call you a flat out liar.

I was in love with Malice on the day he was born, was ga-ga over him at 8 weeks old, still in love with him at 6 months and 12 months and 18 months and now at just over 2 years old, WOWSER is all I can think to say!!

I won the lottery with this litter and am so grateful that I kept the astonishing trio from my SpitFire x Maverick 6 pack.