Bullistik Just Like Fire

Pink is named for the artist that sings JUST LIKE FIRE. Her coloring is FLAMING RED so the song title fits her perfectly.

black mask red fawn

Although Pink is a standard color, black mask red fawn, she inherited the cocoa gene from her sire, Malice, and the blue gene from her dam, Saffron.

Pink is sporting the color that is without a doubt my all time favorite in this breed. I am such a huge fan of color contrast, and her black mask against that flaming red background just pops!

Regardless of her HOT color, she has everything a breeder could possibly want in a future breeding dog: exquisite conformation, structurally sound from head to toe, and a wonderful outgoing temperament.

Pink is 5 generations removed from our beautiful cocoa pied girl, Fabia, and that look has held true from one ancestor to the next.

Pink is destined to be a mate to our handsome cocoa & tan boy, Bullistik Fool’s Gold ‘Troy’.

atat, Eme, kyky DD, CoCo, nS
ayat, EmEm, kyky, Dd, nCo, nS