Bullistik Queen of The Orchids

When I plan any breeding, I have specific goals in mind, and always with intentions to keep at least one of the resulting offspring. However, if I am fortunate enough to get the gender and/or color pup I am hoping for, I still wait until the pups are 8 weeks old before I make my final decision regarding if the prospective keeper pup fits the criteria necessary to become a part of my breeding program.

With this particular litter, I knew from the minute she (Kattleya) arrived, that she was my keeper from the Jealousy & Benny litter born on March 18, 2022. In fairness, my plan had always been to keep a girl from the Jealousy & Benny union, and as luck would have it, there was only one girl and she was the color I was hoping for: solid cocoa & tan.

So far Kattleya has not shown any signs that she will not measure up to the quality I expected her parents to produce. Now I keep fingers crossed that as she matures, she will prove that I made the right choice to do this particular breeding, and to keep her at Bullistik®

At this point, you may be wondering why my beautiful CHOCOLATE (cocoa) girl has a very unusual name that has absolutely nothing to do with anything chocolate. Well, I decided I wanted to pay homage to her sire, Lilac Haze Bendrix, so elected to find the perfect name for her that was both unusual and had something to do with “lilac” rather than “chocolate”.

Orchid, along with lilac, are in the color array of purples. The original and most famous of all Orchids (the plant) is the Cattleya Orchid, known as the QUEEN of ORCHIDS. I expect my beautiful girl to blossom into something exceptional so she needed a name fit for a Queen. I know I will inevitably shorten her name so decided to spell Cattleya with a ‘K’ so her abbreviated name will be ‘KAT’.

I chose this particular stud dog, ABKC GR CH Lilac Haze Bendrix, to sire Jealousy’s final litter for a variety of reasons.

  1. Benny has great conformation, and exceptional French Bulldog ‘breed type’
  2. Benny is clear for CMR1, C3, DM, HC, HUU, and UAS
  3. Benny is certified with OFA for Cardiac, Eyes, Elbows, Hips (EXCELLENT), and Tracheal Hypoplasia
  4. Benny is a LILAC pied so is both cocoa and blue; two of my favorite dilute colors combined in one very special French Bulldog. AND, he is ticking free with a full hood which are must haves for piebald Frenchies in Trudy’s world.

A special thank you to Benny’s owner, Crowd Pleazer Frenchies, for sharing this amazing boy with our program.