Bullistik Red Light District ‘Harlot’

I have been madly in love with this flaming HOT redhead since the minute she was born.

Yes, I am a fan of every color that Frenchies come in with one absolute exclusion (Bullistik® is a NO MERLE zone), but I have always loved the contrast of black masks on a mahogany RED body!

Combine that color with a fabulous head, exceptional conformation, structural soundness, and personality personified, there is simply nothing better.

I imagine if you’ve looked through my website, particularly at my stud dogs, you will have seen the amazing resemblance that Harlot has to one of my boys in particular, and that would be Malice.

Yep, you guessed it, the redhead is Malice’s daughter. No way can you mistake the extreme face that they share.

Admittedly, Harlot has a better topline than her daddy, and of course, she is smaller because she is a little lady, but she is the perfect female version of her sire, but she is standard colored, carrying tricolor, chocolate, and cream.

Malice – Harlot’s sire
Denial – Harlot’s dam