Bullistik Chocolat E’Clair

Bullistik Chocolat E’Clair

Way back in 1990, I purchased my first two Frenchies. The first was a brindle male named Chevalier, and the second was a cream girl named Boutique.

Through the years, I bred and competed in the AKC show ring with my Frenchies, and in the beginning, most of them were cream. Everyone loved the color, and I produced dozens of creams that went on to become AKC Champions.

Through the decades, I have come to love Frenchies in variety of colors, but I still have a soft spot for creams.

One of the things that makes E’Clair so unusual and special is that although she is phenotypically cream (ee), she is also genetially tricolor (atat), cocoa (coco), and carries blue/dilute (Dd).

E’Clair is littermate to our black & tan beefcake of a boy, Flynn, and the daughter of our #hotchocolat stud, MilkDud.

Like her sire and brother, E’Clair is OFA certified for Cardiac, Hips, Legg-Calve-Perthes, and Patellas.

At 24 pounds, she is a thick and chunky girl.

E’Clair has been bred to Troy (his first litter) and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their litter in April 2023.

E’Clair’s sire, MilkDud
E’Clair’s dam, SpitFire